Our mission

UnderDark.ai was created by team of experts to provide surgical threat intelligence and to be the “eyes before the camp” for your organization in the darknet.

UnderDark.ai members are Cyber Crime experts that worked for the various government agencies. Others in the team worked for the private sector, in various fin tech companies and Cyber Threat Intelligence vendors as Darknet monitoring experts.

Other team members were part of leadership teams in IoT manufacturing companies and other companies in the industry, let the research on threat actors, darknet monitoring and were part of the decision makers in the evaluating and picking of Cyber Threat Intelligence vendors.

With this unique knowledge of governmental, Cyber Threat Intelligence vendors and private sector Underdark.ai was created, to provide you with unique knowledge and experience that will give your organization actionable alerts with low false positive ratio.


Kobe Shwartz

An expert in cybercrime, Russian hacking scene and the world of hacktivism. Kobe started his Cyber Threat Intelligence career in 2008, working for the Israeli Prime minister's office, as Russian Cyber Crime analyst and darknet monitoring officer. Later in his career, Kobe moved to work for the private sector, for brands like Payoneer and K2Integrity. In the recent years Kobe was the head of the Cyber Threat Intelligence team in Signify (previously called Philips Lighting). Kobe has the unique experience working for governmental cyber threat intel teams, private sector working for vendors that provide threat intelligence from the vendor side and eventually working for a company that consumes threat intelligence as a client. With these three unique work experiences, Kobe decided to join underdark.ai and work on providing actionable, valuable, and surgical threat intelligence to clients around the globe.


Always proactive

We always on the hunt for providing your organization the right, true positive, actionable intelligence. Threat Intelligence is our passion and expertise.


we provide security trust is the essential element we must gain to secure our relationship. We speak clearly and candidly to our clients.


We see change as an opportunity. We are agile, always validating new ideas and pivoting quickly for better outcomes.


We hunt the darknet for you, based on knowledge and expertise of the highest quality. Quality might be the speed at which we respond to a given threat. It might be the extent to which our service exceeds client expectations. It might be the ways in which the solutions we propose help the whole threat intelligence and threats hunting process for our clients.


We work with courtesy, drive and optimism to offer you a new and more positive focus.